Yiddish Theatre in Romania

August 12, 1816: Birthdate of Ion Ghica, the five-time Prime Minister of Romania “a valuable ally for Yiddish theater in Bucharest” who on several occasions expressed his favorable view of the quality of acting, and even more of the technical aspects of the Yiddish theater. In 1881, he obtained for the National Theater the costumes that had been used for a Yiddish pageant on the coronation of King Solomon, which had been timed in tribute to the actual coronation of Carol I of Romania.

The stamps shown here were issued by Romfilatelia – the postal authority of Romania and the Israel Postal Authority as a joint issue.  They honor Avram Goldfaden (1840-1909), who founded the first Yiddish Theatre in the world in Bucharest, Romania in 1876.

yiddish theatre - romania

yiddish theatre - israel