Marty Glickman – a Jewish Olympian and the 1936 Berlin games

August 14, 1917: In the Bronx, Harry and Molly Glickman give birth to Martin “Marty” Glickman. A graduate of Syracuse University, where he played football, Glickman was best known for his skills in track & field. In 1936, Glickman was one of two Jews on the U.S. 400 yard relay team at the 1936 Olympics.  The two were replaced just before the event. According to Glickman, this was in response to pressure from Avery Brundage, an anti-Semite and supporter of the Nazi regime. Glickman went on to a very successful career as a sports broadcaster. Glickman’s parents came from Jassy where the Germans and their Romanian allies slaughtered over 20,000 Jews during the summer of 1941.

Pictured here is a Semi-Postal stamp commemorating the 1936 Berlin Olympics issued by Nazi Germany’s state postal authority, the Reichspost.  A semi-postal stamp is one which has a surtax in addition to the regular postal rate.  The surtax typically is designated for donation to a charity or to help balance governments’ budget shortfalls.  In this case, the extra 6 Pfennig was used to “further German athletics”. For this reason, the German Sport Assistance organization was especially active in selling these stamps before, during and after the games.  The torch-runner stamp is one of a set of 8 semi-postals.

1936 Berlin Olympics Stamp


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