The Jewish Community of Zawiercie, Poland

August 26, 1943: The Jewish community from Zawiercie, Poland, is destroyed at Auschwitz.

From the Holocaust Archives of Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, Israel. On the eve of the Second World War there were 7,000 Jews in Zawiercie – about a quarter of its residents. They made their living primarily from trade, crafts,the clothing industry and the metal industry. Printing houses owned by Jews played a central role in the cultural life in the city. The city had labor unions which were composed of small traders and artisans, as well as two banks, a charitable fund companies and charities. Between the World Wars in Zawiercie there were various Zionist parties and Agudat Israel. The city had a traditional “cheder” (religious primary school),a Talmud Torah, and a school and kindergarten which were part of the “Tarbut” Network. In 1926, A. Bornstein who was head of the Jewish community was also appointed mayor of the town.

The stamp pictured here was issued by the city of Zawiercie in 1915, thus it is considered a local issue (versus a stamp that would be available throughout the nation of Poland for carrying mail).  Local issues were used for outgoing mail originating from the city post offices where they were printed.  This stamp is currently on the auction block with Harmer-Schau Auction Galleries with a starting bid of 200 Euros.

zawiercie poland


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