Abraham Mapu, 1808 – 1867

October 9, 1867 (10th of Tishrei, 5628): Abraham Mapu “one of the first, and finest, of the novelists to write in Hebrew” passed away. “Heavily influenced by a wide range of sources–the Bible, the Romantic Novelists, and renewed pride in ancient Jewish history–his works recall the finest works of writers such as Flaubert and other great romantic novelists. His first novel, Ahavat Ziyyon (The Love of Zion), published in 1853, won immediate acclaim. Its sixteen editions attest to its continued popularity. (As reported by Toby Press)

Born in Kaunas, Lithuania, he lived in the city from 1808–1837 and 1844–1867 except those years then he worked in other cities of Lithuania – Jurbarkas and Vilnius. For many years he was an impoverished, itinerant schoolmaster. Mapu gained financial security when he was appointed teacher in a government school for Jewish children. Mapu is considered the creator of the Hebrew novel.


Israel Post issued a stamp in 1968 honoring Mapu and his work.

abraham mapu


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