Oskar Barnack and Leica Cameras

November 1, 1879: Birthdate of Oskar Barnack who invented the Leica 35 mm camera which was then mass produced by Ernst Leitz.  Leitz would take advantage of the economic power and world-wide reach of his company that was based on Barnack’s invention to mount the rescue effort of German Jews known as the Leica Freedom Train.



The Federated States of Micronesia issued a stamp in 2000 commemorating the Leica as the first successful commercial 35mm camera.  In 1986, Great Britain issued a stamp commemorating the 60th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II.  The stamp features 3 photos of Elizabeth and the center photo shows her holding a Leica camera.

Leica Camera - Micronesia          queen elizabeth II and Leica - 1986


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