The Premiere of Mozart’s Symphony No. 36

November 4, 1783 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony No. 36 is performed for the first time in Linz, Austria.

The Symphony No. 36 in C major, K. 425, (known as the Linz Symphony) was written by Mozart during a stopover in Linz on his and his wife’s way back home to Vienna from Salzburg in late 1783.  The entire symphony was written in four days to accommodate the local count’s announcement, upon hearing of the Mozarts’ arrival in Linz, of a concert. The composition was also premièred in Vienna on 1 April 1784.

The symphony is scored for 2 oboes, 2 bassoons, 2 horns, 2 trumpets, timpani and strings.

\relative c' {
  \tempo "Adagio"
  \time 3/4
  c8\f[ r16. c32] e8[ r16. e32] a8[ r16. a32] |
  b,8[ r16. d''32] d4^\markup { \italic ten. } r8 r16. b,,32 |
  bes8[ r16. <e' c'>32] q4^\markup { \italic ten. } r |

There are 4 movements:

  1. Adagio, 3/4 — Allegro spiritoso, 4/4
  2. Andante, 6/8
  3. Menuetto, 3/4
  4. Finale (Presto), 2/4

Every movement except the minuet is in sonata form.

Today’s stamp was issued by Austria ca. 1962 and shows a view of the town of Linz with the Danube Bridge.

linz austria with Danube Bridge


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