Anton Rubinstein, 1829 – 1894

November 28, 1829 – Birthdate of Anton Grigorevich Rubinstein, a Russian pianist, composer and conductor, and the founder of the Saint Petersburg Conservatory. As a pianist, Rubinstein ranks amongst the greatest 19th-century keyboard virtuosos. Rubinstein was also a prolific composer throughout much of his life, writing many musical compositions including five piano concertos, six symphonies, and twenty operas, the best known of which is The Demon (1871).

Rubinstein was quite a widely performed composer in his lifetime, but following his death, his works were largely ignored. Some have suggested that this was due to the anti-Semitism prevalent at that time in Germany, the musical hub of Europe.

Here is an image of a stamp featuring a portrait of Rubinstein, designed by Russian artist Vasili Vasilievich Zavialov (1906-1972), printed by photogravure, and issued by Russia (USSR) on December 30, 1954 to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the composer’s birth.

Anton Rubinstein - USSR


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