Simon Bolivar, 1783 – 1830

December 17, 1830: Simon Bolivar, the liberator of Venezuela and Columbia known as the “George Washington of South America” passed away. “Simon Bolivar found refuge and material support for his army in the homes of Jews from Curaçao. Jews such as Mordejai Ricardo and the brothers Ricardo and Abraham Meza offered hospitality to Bolivar as he fought against the Spanish, thus establishing brotherly relations between Jews and the newly independent Venezuelan republic. Several Jews even fought in the ranks of Bolivar’s army during the war.” “The Jews of Curacao became involved with Simon Bolivar and his fight for the independence of Venezuela and Colombia from their Spanish colonizers. Two Jewish men from Curacao distinguished themselves in Simon Bolivar’s army, while another supplied moral and material support to Bolivar, as well as refuge for him and his family.”

Here is a Venezuelan stamp issued in 1904 picturing Bolivar.  The indication of “Instruccion” on the stamp is thought to designate a semipostal function for this issue, with a portion of the stamp price being diverted to fund the Venezuelan Ministry of Education, however, there is no conclusive documentation to support this speculation.

simon bolivar - venezuela 1904


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