Benjamin Disraeli, 1804 – 1881

December 21, 1804:  Birthdate of Benjamin Disraeli.  Disraeli was born Jewish but his father had him baptized.  The baptism resulted from a dispute that the father had had with the local Jewish community.  The change in religion opened the doors to a political career for Disraeli that resulted in him serving two terms as Prime Minister.  Disraeli was the victim of anti-Semitic remarks and was also quite proud of his Jewish heritage.  He passed away in 1881.

In 1987, Great Britain issued a 31p stamp picturing Queen Victoria with Disraeli at her left shoulder in a cameo illustration.  The stamp is Scott No. 1190.  Of particular interest is the fact that in October 2014, the Royal Post issued a set honoring 8 of Great Britain’s Prime Ministers with Disraeli conspicuously omitted.


benjamin disraeli - great britain


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