Down to the Countryside Movement

December 22, 1968 – Cultural Revolution: People’s Daily posted the instructions of Mao Zedong that “The intellectual youth must go to the country, and will be educated from living in rural poverty.”(Down to the Countryside Movement)

In fact, “the intellectual youth” were part of a demographic in China, loosely defined by the engineers of the Cultural Revolution, who were persecuted because of their supposed elitist position as the bourgeoise. According to the Cultural Revolution, they had a more sophisticated education than the average and honorable poor rural Chinese people or the average and honorable poor working-class Chinese.  They appreciated fine art, literature and the sciences.  As a result of the Countryside Movement, thousands of youth were separated from their families and deported to labor camps were they lived in squalor and were starved to death.  In fact, many of them died from starvation and disease.

The stamp pictured here today is called, “The Victory of the Cultural Revolution” showing Chairman Mao and Lin Biao (Vice Premier of the People’s Republic of China).  This stamp sold at auction recently for $162,000.

Mao Zedong - China


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