Naseroddin Shah of Persia, 1831 – 1896

December 29, 1874: A review of “The Travels of the Shah of Persia” by J.W. Redhouse which uses the diary of Naseroddin Shah’s to recount the monarch’s 1873 tour of Europe, included a description of his meeting with Lord Rothschild.  After praising Rothschild for his wealth, the Shah told Rothschild that “the best thing to do would be that you should” use your money “and buy a territory in which you could collect all the Jews of the whole world, you becoming their chief and leading them on their way in peace, so that you should no longer thus be scattered and dispersed.” (Compare this sentiment with the Iranian -modern day Persia- view on the Jewish state.)

During his visit to the United Kingdom in 1873, Naseroddin Shah was also appointed by Queen Victoria a Knight of the Order of the Garter, the highest English order of chivalry. He was the first Iranian monarch to be so honored. Of course this was a publicity to cover his failures. In addition to meeting with Lord Rothschild during his visit, Naseroddin met with other British Jewish leaders, including Sir Moses Montefiore.

Persia (Iran) issued this 10-franc stamp honoring the Shah in 1884.

Qajar_Naseroddin_Shah_Stamp - 1882


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