Haym Salomon, 1740 – 1785

January 6, 1785 (24th of Tevet, 5545):  Haym Salomon passed away in Philadelphia at the age of 44.  Born in Poland in 1740, Salomon came to the United States before the outbreak of the American Revolution. He was a friend of financier Robert Morris and helped several leaders of the American Revolution.  Among those whom he lent money to was James Madison, author of the Federalist Papers and President of theUnited States.  Salomon died penniless having bankrupted himself in support of the cause of American independence.

The United States issued a 10-cent stamp honoring Salamon (Scott No. 1561) on March 25, 1975 as part of its bicentennial “Contributors to the Cause” series.

haym salomon - usa



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