British nation-making 101

January 8, 1926: Abdul-Aziz ibn Saud becomes the King of Hejaz and renames it Saudi Arabia.  The Saudis had been competing with the Hashemites for control over the holy places in Arabia.  With the ascendancy of the Saudis, the British were forced to find a “home’ for the Hashemites.  The Hashemite got two homes.  One son got the throne of the British invention known as Iraq.  The other Hashemite son got the throne of that other British invention, the Kingdom of Trans-Jordan later the Kingdom of Jordan.  Trans-Jordan was carved out of the British Mandate which was supposed to be part of the Jewish home under the terms of the Balfour Declaration.  This explains why some people think that the Arabs already have their state.  It is called Jordan and that is the proper Palestinian State.

Pictured here are stamps of Saudi Arabia, Trans-Jordan and Iraq, circa 1926:



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