Uri Zvi Grinberg, 1894 – 1981

January 10, 1894: Birthdate of Uri Zvi Grinberg. Born in Poland to a Chasidic family, Grinberg gained fame as a poet who wrote in both Yiddish and Hebrew. Originally a favorite of the Labor Zionists, Grinberg became a supporter of Jabotinsky. During the thirties, he was one of those who warned the Jews of the dangers presented by Hitler and the Nazis. While he was able to escape, his family perished. He was a right wing member of the Knesset. While his political views were viewed as extreme, his value as a poet was unquestioned. In 1957, he was honored with the Israel Prize. Grinberg’s belief that the Covenant with Abraham, later renewed with the Jews at Sinai, “is the basis of Jewish being” infused both his art and his politics. He passed away in 1981.

Israel Post issued a stamp in 1984 honoring Grinberg (Scott No. 859).  Shown here is a First Day Cover for the stamp.

Uri_Zvi_Grinberg_Scott-859_Israel FDC 1984




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