Rabbi Shalom Sharabi, 1720 -1777

January 18, 1777 (10th of Shevat, 5537): Rabbi Shalom Sharabi, known by his name’s acronym, the RaShaSH, passed away. He was born in Yemen, and as a young man immigrated to Israel. He was quickly recognized for his piety and scholarship, especially in the area of Jewish mysticism, and was appointed to be dean of the famed Kabalistic learning center in the Old City of Jerusalem, the Yeshivat ha-Mekubbalim. He authored many works, mostly based on the teachings of the great kabbalist, Rabbi Isaac Luria, the Ari. Rabbi Sharabi’s most famous work is a commentary on the prayer book, replete with kabalistic meditations. His mystical works are studied by Kabbalists to this very day. He is also considered to be a foremost authority on Yemenite Jewish traditions and customs.

Israel Post issued a stamp in 1992 honoring Rabbi Sharabi and the Bet-El Yeshiva.  Pictured here is a First Day Cover franked with the stamp and tab:


Rabbi Shalom Sharabi FDC - Israel 1992


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