Jewish Resistance during the Holocaust

January 22, 1943: A death train that originated in Grodno, Poland, on January 17, erupts in violence at the Treblinka death camp when 1,000 Jews armed with boards, knives, and razors attack guards. By the next morning, thousands of Jews who had been on the train are dead, killed by Treblinka SS troops armed with machine guns and grenades.

So, as futile as it may have seemed, in retrospect there were pockets of resistance against the anti-Jewish Nazi death machine.

Grodno was formerly a part of Lithuania, where it was known as “Gardinas”.  In 1919, German troops handed Gardinas over to the Poles.

The cover shown here has Lithuanian postage stamps cancelled at the Gardinas (Grodno) post office with a violet circular cachet with the inscription, “Grodnenskaya … Kontora” and was used during the last 3 months of the Gardinas post office’s existence between January 3, 1919 and April 26, 1919.

Grodno-Grodnenskaya Kontora - 1919 - Lithuania



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