Peloponnesian massacres

March 6, 1821: The start of the Greek War for Independence. Jewish populations in the Peloponnese peninsula had become in disfavour with the Greeks by apparently supporting the Ottomans, and during the Greek War of Independence thousands of Jews were massacred alongside the Ottoman Turks by the Greek rebels, with the Jewish communities of Mistras, Tripolis, Kalamata and Patras completely destroyed (source:  Jewish Virtual Library). At the same time, Jews throughout other parts of Europe, including the Rothschilds supported the revolt, which captured the popular imagination with its imagery of Greece the cradle of Democracy versus the Ottoman Sultan.

Stamps shown today are from the communities where Jews were slaughtered by the Greek rebels.

A 4-drachma stamp from 1935 picturing the cathedral in Mistras:

Mistra - Greece 1935 - 4 drachma


A 20-lepta revenue stamp for a school in Tripolis:

Tripolis School Revenue Stamp - Greece - 20 Lepta


An 11-drachma stamp from 1975 picturing the church in Kalamata:

Kalamata Church - Greece - 1975 - 11 drachma


And, a 1990 stamp featuring the central lighthouse in Patras:

Patras Central Lighthouse, Scott 1698, 20 Jun 1990





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