Jews at the White Russian border

April 15, 1923: Preparations have been made along the White Russian border to provide food and shelter for Jewish refugees from Poland who are being forced to return to their former homes in the Soviet Union. (As reported by JTA)

Very few genuine stamps from the area known as White Russia exist.  The 5 rouble example shown here has been forged in at least 4 different varieties.  It shows a peasant couple whose dress is attributed to those living in White Russia.

The stamp bears the initials ‘BHP’ [BNR] which is a semi-official production for the army of General Bulak-Balakhowitch. General Bulak-Balakhowitch changed sides several times during the Civil War.

Examples of any of these on envelopes would be rare, as they were never officially used. There may be some forged envelopes, but this is unlikely as forgers often try to replicate reality, and in this case there was no reality.

According to the Stanley Gibbons catalogue ‘Stamps in this type, values 5, 120, 15, 50k and 1r were prepared for use by a force (army) raised by Gen. Bulak-Balakhovitch in 1920. We have never seen genuinely used copies and have no evidence of their issue’ — for postal purposes, that is.

white russia


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