Madagascar Independence – 1960

June 26, 1960 – Madagascar gains its independence from France.

The occupation of France during the Second World War tarnished the prestige of the colonial administration in Madagascar and galvanized the growing independence movement, leading to the Malagasy Uprising of 1947.  This movement led the French to establish reformed institutions in 1956 under the Loi Cadre (Overseas Reform Act), and Madagascar moved peacefully towards independence.  The Malagasy Republic was proclaimed on October 14, 1958, as an autonomous state within the French community. A period of provisional government ended with the adoption of a constitution in 1959 and full independence on June 26, 1960.

The stamp pictured below – printed in Madagascar – shows tribute to French-appointed President Tsiranana, first president of Madagascar, and Independence Day, circa 1960.

Madagascar Independence Stamp 1960


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