Israel Rokach, 1896 – 1959

August 5, 1947: Israel Rokach, the future Mayor of Tel Aviv is imprisoned in the prison at Latrun.

Israel Rokach, was an Israeli politician, Knesset member, and second mayor of Tel Aviv from November 15, 1936 to April 13, 1953.

During his tenure, Tel Aviv expanded rapidly and its population tripled. Jaffa, Rokach’s birthplace, was merged into the city in 1949, giving it a significant population boost, despite Rokach’s initial opposition to the merger.

The 1936 – 1939 Arab Revolt, World War II and the 1948 Arab-Israeli War all occurred during his tenure, including Operation Hametz – the capture of Jaffa from Arab hands. During this period, Tel Aviv was bombed from the air multiple times, the first being by the Italian Air Force in 1940. After this, underground shelters and loudspeaker systems were built, which also served the population in 1949, when Egyptian Spitfires made strafing runs on the city. On August 5, 1947, Rokach and other municipal leaders were imprisoned in Latrun for aiding Jewish underground organizations. He was released in September 1947.

Israel Post issued a stamp in 2008 honoring Rokach:

israel rokach - israel


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