Elections impact our lives – VOTE!

November 8, 1892: Grover Cleveland was elected President for the second time. Cleveland is the only two-term President to have his terms separated by the election of another President. This split always causes confusion in counting American Presidents. During his second term in office, Cleveland vetoed an immigration bill that contained a literacy test. The bill was aimed at keeping immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe out of the United States. Its enactment was opposed by many Jewish leaders because it would have trapped the Jews of such places as Czarist Russia in their increasingly anti-Semitic homelands.  (Mitch Levin)

The U.S. Postal Service has issued three stamps picturing President Cleveland.  The first was a 12-cent definitive stamp issued in 1923.  The second was also a definitive – a 22-cent stamp issued as part of the Presidential series of 1938 – also known as “the Prexies.”  The most recent stamp honoring Cleveland was part of the AMERIPEX series of 1986 – also a 22-cent issue.  All three are pictured below.

If you’re reading this today, on Election Day in the United States, get out and vote and bring a friend along!  It’s your civic duty and your right as a citizen of this country, so exercise it.






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