Lloyd George, 1863 – 1945

January 17, 1863:  Birthdate of David Lloyd George.  Lloyd George was the British Prime Minister from 1916 through 1922.  This meant that he led Britain to victory during World War I and was the leader of the peace negotiations.  In this latter role he signed the Treaty of San Remo that officially ended the war with Turkey.  Under the terms of the treaty “Palestine was declared a mandated territory” to be administered by Great Britain under the terms of the Balfour Declaration.  Lloyd George agreed to this despite a great deal of anti-Zionist pressure some of which was generated by American missionary educators with interests in the Middle East.  (from “This Day … In Jewish History”, Mitch Levin)

The Royal Mail issued a stamp in 2013 honoring Prime Minister George as one of many Great Britons in the series by the same name:




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